Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September 2010: Special Edition > Data-Driven Superstar at PUC Schools


September's America Learns Strategy of the Month 
PUC Schools

We have three big goals over here.

  1. To make sure that every tutor, mentor and coach we serve is getting the personalized support they need to deliver the best services possible.
  2. To make sure that every tutor, mentor and coach we serve is making time for meaningful reflection and planning.
  3. To make sure program staff members are getting the information they need for reporting, tracking, grant writing, evaluation, and, most importantly...constant program improvement.

Our clients want to use data the way their students and mentees  want them to use it: to constantly make programs even better for students and mentees.

The Challenge
With smaller budgets, longer hours and more responsibilities, how can we find time to regularly use data to improve our programs, not just before the next program year begins, but throughout the year, for the CURRENT group of individuals being served?

Kelly Montes de Oca Kelly Montes de Oca, this month’s Superstar, at an extended day tutor training earlier this year.

Meet Our “Data-Driven Superstar”
Kelly Montes de Oca, PUC Schools’ Chief Academic Officer in Los Angeles, knows how to use data to constantly improve the lives of PUC’s students.

Check out the PowerPoint deck below to see how Kelly uses information coming in from her tutors’ weekly reflections and reports to structure high impact training and support workshops that are aligned with her tutors and students’ current needs.

We hope that Kelly’s work will inspire you think about how your program can use data this school year to constantly improve programming.  Definitely contact us if you’d like a free brainstorming partner in that effort.

Kelly’s PowerPoint Deck

The big deal: Kelly asks her tutors to reflect upon and share their weekly, most pressing goals and challenges.  Rather than solely presenting her tutors with a predetermined training curriculum, she uses the goals and challenges that tutors report to help shape her ongoing support and training workshops throughout the year.  Again, this isn’t a one-time practice.  It’s a constant practice, driven by the desire to always be improving programming for the current group of students being served.

Take Note…

  • Notice how Kelly shares her tutors’ aggregated data with them (slides 4 and 5).  If you ask your tutors, mentors or coaches to complete regular reflection & reporting logs, the practice of sharing and discussing their aggregated data is a great way to communicate that their data isn’t going into a black hole.  You’re paying close attention to their experiences and to their goals and challenges.  Of course, paying attention is not enough

  • Notice how Kelly details what she’s going to do with the data (slide 6).  Building on the practice discussed above, Kelly not only says, “We hear you.”  She then communicates, “…and we’re here for you.”

Learn more about Kelly’s thoughts on data-driven training by watching how she trained her tutors to use the America Learns Network.

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Anonymous said...

Can Kelly come work at our program? Please??

Anonymous said...

Love it. Thanks for the inspiration. It's great to see an org in this space pounding home the message that data must constantly be collected and USED to improve programming, even for after school programs.