Friday, May 21, 2010

Special Post: Middle School Girls & Body Image

It’s rare that we post anything on our Network Superstars blog beyond our more formal, monthly celebrations of the amazing volunteers, AmeriCorps members, coaches, and student teachers we serve; but, the following PowerPoint deck just came across our computer screens, and we think it’s worthy of a special mention. 

Recently, Girls For A Change coaches Gloria Downey and Michele Robertson were preparing to work with their eighth grade girls on a project around how the media shapes girls’ ideas of how their bodies should look.  To help get the conversation started, Gloria and Michele created the following PowerPoint presentation.

Here’s what Gloria wrote about the PowerPoint when she shared the strategy on the America Learns Network: “We wanted to show the girls what some celebrities are doing to change how body image is portrayed in the media. We did research and created the attached PowerPoint.”

Check it out.  You may find it to be a terrific resource to launch conversations around this extremely important issue.

Stars We Love, by Girls For A Change