Monday, April 6, 2009

Surprise! Girls For A Change Finds that the America Learns Network Helps to Maintain Program Quality and Integrity During Staff Transitions

Our Second Program Staff Member Superstar!

Meghan Arrigo with a Few GFC Girls
Meghan (in purple) with a few GFC girls

Girls For A Change

Meet Meghan Arrigo, the Western Regional Program Director of Girls For A Change. 

When Meghan found herself needing to take on the management of about 50 volunteers, she discovered a surprise bonus with the America Learns Network.

“The surprise was that America Learns is an amazing resource for staff when you have a staff person in transition -- so either when a staff person leaves or when you bring a new staff member on board."

Click here to listen to a quick discussion we had with Meghan about the ways she used the Network to maintain GFC’s highest program quality standards during the staff transition period.


The following is a brief summary of what you’re listening to.

How Meghan used the Network to help herself in her new volunteer management role:

  • Saved her time
  • Saved other resources
  • Helped her to maintain program quality and integrity
  • Helped her to preserve GFC’s high touch volunteer management and support model

How Meghan used the Network to benefit volunteers during the transition process:

  • Facilitated a seamless transition from the previous volunteer manager to herself
  • Didn’t have to ask volunteers to spend time updating her about progress to date

"Volunteers have been so pleased with the transition because I've been able to just jump in.  I haven't had to have them give me a lot of history of what's going on because I had the information at my fingertips."

You go, Meghan!  Keep up the awesome work.

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Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see somebody recognizing the work of program staff. Thank you.