Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet _________. Oh, wait. He doesn’t have a name yet!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been interviewing superheroes who were hoping to represent our America Learns Network Superstars on this site and in the community.

As you can imagine, given how amazing our Network members are, we had quite a number of superheroes try out for the spot.  Heck, even Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman showed up!

America Learns Network Superstar Mascot. What's his name?After sixteen grueling rounds of interviews, the superhero you see to the right won hands down.  As you can see, he was born for the job…light-bulb body and all.  (He really won us over with his smile and by sticking the America Learns light bulb to the inside of his cape.)

We took this snapshot of him after we told him that he won. He was pretty lit up by the news.

There’s one MAJOR DOWNSIDE to this guy. He’s nameless :-(. 

(The reason?  It’s some crazy superhero drama that we just don’t need to get into.)

We need your help naming our superhero!  Is he a Lance?  Is he a Superstar Sam?  Captain Learns?  What do you think?

Please share your ideas by entering a comment to this post below.  We and our superhero really appreciate you giving him an identity.  It’ll do wonders for his self-image.


Anonymous said...

I would probably call him: "intellectual light' or
' captain fascinated.
-Timeless Tim
-Mr. Shine.

Let me think some more

Anonymous said...


"Lightbulb Larry"

Jill Goldberg said...

"Awesome AL" or "Captain Learns"

Steve Friedman said...




Steve Friedman said...

Or, actually...

Whitney Smith said...

How about Gary? :)

Ronjanett Taylor said...

A.L. Strats (short for stategies)

Mr. AL

Captain Strategy

V. Harris said...

How about "The Illuminator"

Summer Graves said...

How about:

"Bright Idea"
"The Illuminator!"
"Captain Creations!"
"Captain Concepts"
"Commander Theory"

Summer Graves
America Reads-MS

Daislyn Pease said...

I like Sparky, but there’s also a Sparky the fire dog, so perhaps that won’t work. But, he lights your way to reading, so something along those lines.

Gary Kosman said...

Thanks so much for all of these great names so far! Please keep 'em coming.

MarthaBonney said...

"Now I Got It!" or "Captain Inspired" or "Flash Idea" or

I hate to point out that incandescent bulbs are on the way out, fluorescents on the way in.

The Mentor Connection Team said...

The Changer –changing the world one child at a time

Captain Encourager

The Illuminator

Captain Kosmo

Bud Light (ok…maybe not :-)

Captain Impact- impacting the world one child at a time

jovialjen said...

Lighting McLearn

ejj41 said...

Captain Quest - he is on a quest to teach as many children as he can..

Anonymous said...

Adam Amp--of America Learns lights the way to lifetime learning!
Chuckie Champion--your champion for learning for life with America Learns

Anonymous said...

Definitely "The Illuminator"

Great graphic!

Aryani Ong said...

Captain Read!

Marguerite said...

Captain Creative!

Anonymous said...

How about: Well Read ("Red") or Will Read?

Joseph said...

I would call it "sunny" because the character is a bright person.

Anonymous said...

The Illiteracy Eliminator

Anonymous said...

Bulb Man

Anonymous said...

Bulb Wonder
Mr. bright light in tights
The Crimson Flash
Captain Clap-On
Read Man
Little Red Knowledge Cape
The Mind of Light

s johnson said...

Here's my ideas:
Sir Learns-A-Lot
Captain Knowledge
Mr Know It All
Captain Smarty Pants
or Supertutor

Anonymous said...

We could call him knowledge man, Super Idea or Idea man, Captain brainiac.

Centhelia said...

His name should be Mr Thinkler.

Anonymous said...

Tutor Dude

Balu said...

how about A* or AL*??