Monday, January 2, 2006

January 2006: Elizabeth Hopkins, Building Relationships with Charades



This month's strategy is from Elizabeth Hopkins, a member of the University of Michigan America Reads Tutoring Corps


Elizabeth created a quick, fun game to address her new student's boredom and to help her and her student get to know each other better.  We hope you and your students benefit from Elizabeth's creativity!

The Strategy


Created by: Elizabeth Hopkins, University of Michigan America Reads Tutoring Corps
(America Learns Network member since 2005)
Topic: Getting to Know Your Student
Grade Levels: Kindergarten - Third
Arrangements: One-on-One

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Situation: I noticed that my new student was bored, and I really wanted to get to know her and for her to get to know me, but in a creative way that she would appreciate.  I decided to incorporate a fun activity into our session.
Step 1: First, introduce the activity to your student.

Tell your student that you are going to play charades about things both of you like.  Ask your student whether she has played charades before.  If she hasn't, explain it to her.  You can say, "This is how we're going to play: One of us is going to act out something that we like without speaking, and the other person will guess what we're acting out.  It's a lot of fun."

Step 2: Say, "Okay, I am going to act out one of the things that I like to do and I'd like you to guess what it is." (For example, act like you are reading.)  Then, your student will guess you like to read!

Now you let your student take a turn.  Continue playing until you feel like you know each other's likes, hobbies and/or interests.

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How Have You Addressed this Issue?

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