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November 2005: LaTarsha Bernard, Grammar Goddess


 November 2005 America Learns Strategy of the Mont

image This month's strategy is from LaTarsha Bernard, a second year AmeriCorps member with America Reads - Mississippi

LaTarsha developed an engaging, easy to implement arts and crafts strategy to help her students learn what nouns are and how to identify them.  Check out the strategy below!

The Strategy

(Introducing Nouns to Students)

Created by: LaTarsha Bernard, America Reads - Mississippi
(America Learns Network member since 2004)
Topics: Grammar; Vocabulary Development
Grade Levels: Second - Fourth
Arrangements: One-on-One; Small Group
Materials: - Age-appropriate magazines
- Poster board
- Glue, paste, rubber cement, tape
- Scissors

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Situation: I created this arts and crafts strategy to engage my students while helping them learn that a noun can be a person, place or thing.
Step 1: Have students cut pictures from magazines that describe either people, places, or things.
Step 2: Draw three columns on the poster board, and label one column as "People," one as "Places," and one as "Things."
Step 3: Have students glue their pictures under the right category.

After the pictures have been glued, use the board to introduce and reinforce the concept of a noun.  You might say, "Take a look at all these pictures.  They describe people, places and things. Whenever we use a person, place or thing in our writing, we can also call that word a noun.  For example, if I wrote the sentence, 'Jimmy is happy,' the word 'Jimmy' is a noun because 'Jimmy' is a person.  A noun is always a person, a place or a thing."

Step 4: Add a border around the board and display it in the classroom, hallway or another public place.  The students will love this activity!
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How Have You Addressed this Issue?

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